Why Google Translation Will Never Equate to A Professional Translator.

timthumbThere is a common misconception among some of the general public that professional translators are now no longer required-thanks to the rise of Google Translate and other online translation tools.

But the fact is, Google Translate will never match a professional translator. Sure, Google Translate may be useful if you’re looking for the meaning of an odd word or simply to get the gist of the meaning.

There’s no doubting that Google Translate has evolved over the years, and it is a very impressive tool. But if your task is work related and you want accuracy, a professional translator is the way to go.

Translation tools work by rummaging through collections of human translated text and statistically guessing words and phrases based on how they have been translated before.

This leads to a long list of grammatical errors and poorly chosen words and as these errors build up, the document will become increasingly unreadable.

If you’re submitting a piece of work that has been manufactured by Google Translate, it will be very apparent from the beginning that a professional translator hasn’t been used.

If you require translation or interpretation for a matter where mistakes cannot be tolerated, don’t roll the dice and consult Google Translate as it’ll likely result in garbage and more hassle.

Instead use one of our multi-lingual experts for accurate and clear interpretation or translation.translation