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Criminal Trial Preparation

Our experts will help you prepare everything you need for your trial

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Confidentiality Assurance

At LITS, confidentiality is of the highest importance. You can be assured that all documents handled will be kept under our strict privacy guidelines and handled in a professional manner.

Maintaining this level of service means that our clients trust us with their work, and come back to us time after time.

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Quality Assurance

On contact, you will be allocated a specialist who will be solely responsible for your matter. This ensures that you receive one-to-one meticulous support to fulfill your requirements and ensure a level of high-quality work. All our specialists are experts in their field and have extensive legal backgrounds to provide the right type of support for each task.

Join LITS's long list of clients who use our services time after time after working with our committed team.


Our Services

  • Preparation of Initial Case Analysis.

  • Preparation /Summary of Prosecution evidence.

  • Preparation/Assessment of applicable law/statutes-with authorities & case law provided.

  • Preparation of detailed case chronologies.

  • Meticulous investigation and examination of unused material.

  • Attendance upon witnesses for the taking of s.9 statements for court.

  • Attendances upon specific areas for photographs etc.

  • Attendance at court during trials to take notes, assist counsel, etc.


About Our Service

We are delighted to announce an extension of the services that LITS provides. Along with our interpretation and translation services, LITS now offers criminal trial preparation services to assist our clients whose first language is not English. 

We have a team of in-house experts with over 20 years of experience as specialists in Criminal Trial Preparation.

These services are offered at private and legal aid rates.

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