We only use qualified linguists for our face to face interpreting services.

Interpreter Services.

Since 2005, LITS has also offered high quality interpreting services as well as our professional translation services.

We only use qualified linguists for our face to face interpreting services, which means that you can be certain that they will be of the very highest quality.
Interpreting services are now becoming crucial to the day to day running of a whole host of Government bodies, local authorities and businesses both large and small.


We provide two different types of face to face interpreting services you can choose from to best suit your needs – Consecutive Interpreting and Simultaneous Interpreting.

Consecutive Interpreting is the most commonly requested as it is the easiest service to arrange and set up. A consecutive Interpreter will wait until the end of the speaker’s sentence before interpreting.

Simultaneous Interpreting takes a bit more setting up and is ideal for situations where there are people present who speak many different languages. For example, you may have seen simultaneous interpreting in action, such as the UN conferences, where there are many leaders from different countries who each speak a different language. Simultaneous interpreting requires Interpreters working in teams of 2 or 3 in sound-proofed booths. Interpreters interpret what the speaker is saying as they are saying it into a microphone, and the delegates listen through headsets.


Nowhere is the quality of an Interpreter more important than in a court of law. That’s why our legal Interpreters go through a stringent series of tests and constant assessment and training to ensure their work is of the highest quality. All our legal and court Interpreters have also been CRB checked to ensure they can be trusted to interpret only the words that are spoken – accurately.


Our current expertise extends to all spheres of private and public life. We have extensive experience of all crown/magistrate court cases of all durations and ELHs; trials, Newton hearings, Committals, Narey, PCMHs, PTRs, Appeals, Trials of Issue/s, and assistance to counsel at court, including court note taking for counsel, etc. We also have extensive experience of all county/high court cases; trials, FDRs/FFHs/Injunction hearings, serving of summons to speakers of other languages, liability litigation cases, insurance cases, Children Act/FPR, and divorce cases etc.
We also have extensive experience in assisting in police investigations; such as ABEs, Mg11’s, PACE Interviews, deciphering, translation, and transcription of mobile phone texts communication and non-English conversations, etc. This is also the case in terms of assistance to NHS bodies, Local Government departments, DWP, CPS/Regina vs cases, (Witness Care Units), HM UKBA, CAFCASS, National Probation Service, Regional Social Services; Referral & Assessment, Crisis, Outreach, EDT Teams, Family Support and Children in Our Care Teams, Fostering and Adoption Teams, Environmental Health, Counter Fraud investigations, Insurance companies/loss adjusters, civil and criminal barrister/solicitor conferences, School, GPs and Psychological assessments. We could simply go on and on!

We Can Provide an Interpreter for the Language You Need

As with our professional translation services, we can provide interpreting services in most languages. We have over 1000 professionals registered on our system, so we can also match any specialism you need. So, for example, if you need an Interpreter with legal or financial knowledge then we can supply one!

Should you require a formal letter-headed quotation for LAA purposes, we can also pop one in the post within 24 hours or email one immediately for prior authority purposes.

I Need An Interpreter Last Minute!

We specialise in providing professional Interpreters when and where you need them. Just give us a call on 01254 674514/503200, or email us on . You can also submit your request via this website on the ‘contact us’ tab and we’ll be more than glad to help you.