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Approved Multilingual Transcription

Keep a written record and make the most of your video and audio

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Quality assurance

LITS maintains the highest quality of service following your specifications and terminology guidelines exactly ensuring 100% accuracy and transcription in the format you need. 

Our documents are proofread before being sent to you so you can be sure they will be accurate and quality assured.

With over 20 years of experience in the languages industry, LITS provides consistent, concise, and clear transcriptions.

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Our Linguists

Our trained specialists have years of experience and can provide accurate transcriptions navigating difficult requests including strong accents to industry-specific technical terminology.​

Our transcribers can transcribe in the source language or transcribe directly into English for your convenience.


Areas of expertise

All our transcribers are qualified and go through a stringent series of tests, constant assessments, and training to ensure their work is of the highest quality. All our legal transcribers have also been DBS checked to ensure they can be trusted to transcribe any audio accurately.

Join LITS's long list of clients who use our services time after time after working with our committed team of transcribers.


Multilingual Transcription

With trade becoming increasingly global, LITS ensures you're provided with reliable multilingual transcribers to complete any task.

We get it done on time, every time, 100% accurate. 

We offer a wide range of options for our transcription services:​

  • Transcription in the source language

  • Transcription directly to English

  • From source language to any other language

  • Custom transcription requests

With over 300 languages to choose from, we cater for all requests and industries.

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We also provide formal letterheaded quotations for Legal Aid Agency prior authority purposes.

Think Transcription, Think LITS!

LITS offers smart and verbatim transcription services to help you keep a written record of important meetings and interviews, or for media purposes. Whether it's for business meetings, police interviews, medical appointments, legal interviews, television, or webinars, LITS ensures you have what you need, when you need with our fast turnaround service.

Our services include multiple options to make it easier for our clients:

  • Smart transcription - Removal of filler words to maintain a clean, and easy-to-read transcript​

  • Verbatim transcription - Recording of every spoken word including pauses, fillers, and stutters

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