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LITS provides a range of high-quality interpreting services you can choose from to best suit your needs. Our extensive range of services helps our clients overcome language barriers and access a wide range of services, ensuring our clients have access to an interpreter regardless of their situation. We can also match any specialism you need, so if you need an interpreter with legal or financial knowledge, we can supply one.

Professional Interpreter Services

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LITS offers certified translations for both personal and professional use. Our translations cater to all sectors, so whether you're looking for the translation of a foreign property document, birth certificate, legal contract, website, or film transcript we can cater to all requests.
Our wide spectrum of specialist translators have expertise in various backgrounds to facilitate any requirement and ensure accurate translation even for the most technical documents.

Certified & Official Translations


LITS offers smart and verbatim transcription services to help you keep a written record of important meetings, interviews, or media purposes. Our transcribers can transcribe in the source language or transcribe directly into English.

Multilingual Transcription Services


LITS is proud to be one of the few companies offering a forensic linguist & document examination service.
Our expert forensic linguists study dialect, grammar, sentence construction, phonetics, typography, and other linguistic areas to determine authenticity, examine documents, and for other investigative purposes.

Forensic Linguist & Document Examination


LITS has a team of in-house experts to assist with criminal trial preparations. We have extensive connections with leading solicitors and barristers to ensure our clients have the right documents, evidence, and information you require ahead of your trial in the right format. We will review your entire case holistically and provide you with all the information you need along the way.

Criminal Trial Preparation

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LITS provides a range of ancillary services to help your business or organisation run the best it can.
We also cater to all individual needs and provide services in extensive backgrounds.
Browse through our list and give us a call if the service you are looking for is not included...
LITS takes pride in accommodating everyone!

Ancillary & Misc Services

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