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About Us

LITS is dedicated to helping our clients overcome language barriers and connect communities of different languages

What We Do


Interpretation and translation services are becoming crucial to the day-to-day running of a whole host of government bodies, local authorities, and businesses both large and small. Our Interpreters and translators open the doors for our clients to connect and converse with their customers and patients regardless of their language.

We cater for court attendances, police stations, hospitals, solicitors/barristers, social services, document translations, and much more. No job is too small or too large for LITS so get in contact today and we’ll be happy to help.

Smiling African Woman Uses Sign Language for Interpretation

Our Story

Early Years

Our founder spent the early years of his life in education:

  • 1995 – Bachelors and Masters in Law & Jurisprudence
  • 1997 – A graduate certificate in Applied Linguistics

Where It Began

Lancashire Constabulary required a translator urgently and found the closest one was in London. In desperation, they looked to Blackburn college where our founder was a lecturer teaching languages, and gladly provided his services.


Fluent in five languages, work began pouring in with a demand for local interpretation and translation services of a high calibre. In 2000, our founder completed a Diploma in Public Service Interpreting with Criminal Law with Distinction.


With Britain becoming a multicultural hub for people all over the world, the demand for language services was growing fast. LITS was officially founded and began with just two employees

Present Day

LITS continues to provide outstanding service and has now grown to cover 300+ languages with over 1000 qualified linguists. Excelling in quality and professionalism, LITS is fast becoming one of the UK’s largest interpreting and translation service providers.

Our Founder Today...

LITS’s founder continues to spend his time in the field, providing services to his local community, and moderating exam papers at the University of Cambridge for future qualifying linguists, ensuring a generation of high-quality language professionals.

Our Accreditations

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