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Lancashire Interpretation & Translation Services (LITS).

(Under New Leadership & Management).

Professional Interpreter & Translator Services.

LITS is a unique user-friendly-time served-A to Z, language services provider that has been delivering a complete range of medical, communal, social, legal-judicial, and corporate interpreter/translator linguistic services since 2005.

Specialists in Legal Aid Work. Criminal & Civil. Assistance with Prior Authorities.

Sworn, Affidavit, Notarised Translations of All Commonwealth and World Legal Documents-Any Language. (Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, Death certificates, Academic certificates, Deeds, ID Cards, etc).

Translation of: Court Papers, CPS Papers, Court Judgements. Medical Reports. Psyche Eval Reports, CPS AD Material, CPR/FPR Compatible Witness Statements in RTA & RTC matters. Interviews Under Caution & Under the Police & Criminal Evidence Act. Medical, Communal, Corporate, legal interpreter (approved and vetted) services, etc.


    We cater for court attendances, police stations, social services, solicitors, hospitals, investigators, foreign language document translations (affidavit/notary/certified/sworn) and much more.

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Prospective linguists, please send CVs to linguists@lits-service.co.uk